New single 'Drop Dead Cynical' out now!
 The first single from the third album MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is out now!

Commented guitarist Olof Mörck: “The first piece of music to be released from ‘Massive Addictive’ is a very representative track. ‘Drop Dead Cynical’ is as massive as it is addictive. This ultra groovy song is a markedly different first single compared to classical Amaranthe single choices, and it takes our trademark sound in fresh and exciting new directions! Top that off with an anthemic chorus, and the result is what I consider one of the absolutely strongest Amaranthe songs ever!”
'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' is out on Oct 15th (Japan), Oct 17th (Europe), Oct 20th (UK), Oct 21st (USA), 

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AUGUST 6 2014
AMARANTHE to release MASSIVE ADDICTIVE; new album on October 21!

AMARANTHE to release MASSIVE ADDICTIVE; new album on October 21!
Full press release and track list below!

(New York, NY)
: Gothenburg, Sweden's AMARANTHE, known for fusing melodic metal with elements of EDM, will release their third album MASSIVE ADDICTIVE viaSpinefarm Records on October 21. 

is true to its title. The band's signature, larger-than-life sound, comprised of kinetic riffing, pulsating beats and celestial, melodic choruses, remains in tact, but the album finds AMARANTHE continuing to explore a range of dynamics and with a willingness to push themselves even further.

The songs that populate MASSIVE ADDICTIVE are so incredibly catchy that they will take up residency in your brain for hours after you've turned the music off and you will find yourself humming the melodies or singing the choruses long after you've stopped listening to them. MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is that memorably and that catchy.

was tracked at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark with the sound sorcerer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica) at the helm. 

The 12-song album is a flawlessly executed clinic of masterfully and carefully crafted European metal, boasting Olof Mörck's surgically precise riffs and soaring solos alongside Morten Løwe Sørensen's rhythmic thrust and Johan Andreassen's booming low-frequency assault. Elize Ryd's vocals are as emotive and empowering as ever, filling the room, while Jake E's melodic vocals are an outpouring of power. New screamer Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson puts his stamp on the material, as well.

The sound is both massive and addictive, from the unforgettable, driving sounds of "Drop Dead Cynical" to the anthemic title track to the stadium-sized soar of "Digital World" to the emotionally haunting power semi-ballad "True." MASSIVE ADDICTIVEis an exercise in dynamics and is one that refuses to play by any sort of genre-specific, prescribed rules.

"We have lived and breathed this album every hour and every day the last year, and to know that this music is about to reach everyone's ears is beyond exciting," guitarist Mörck enthused about MASSIVE ADDICTIVE. "Following the first leg of The Nexus World Tour, we sat down and agreed that we wanted the next album to be really fresh, new and even to raise a few eyebrows, all while retaining our signature sound."

He continued, "MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is in every way that huge leap forward we wanted to achieve and the album definitely contain our strongest song writing to date. The press often asks us to 'describe the album with three words'; this time, the answer is simple - it's MASSIVE, it's ADDICTIVE, and most importantly, it's AMARANTHE!"

Track Listing

1. "Dynamite"
2. "Drop Dead Cynical"
3. "Trinity"
4. "Massive Addictive"
5. "Digital World"
6. "True"
7. "Unreal"
8. "Over and Done"
9. "Danger Zone"
10. "Skyline"
11. "An Ordinary Abnormality"
12. "Exhale"

APRIL 15 2014


09/25/14 The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
09/26/14 Club Nokia – Los Angeles, CA
09/28/14 Gothic Theater – Denver, CO
09/30/14 First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
10/01/14 Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
10/02/14 Royal Oak Music Theatre – Royal Oak, MI
10/03/14 The Sound Academy – Toronto, ON – CANADA
10/05/14 Metropolis – Montreal, QC – CANADA
10/07/14 Ram’s Head Live – Baltimore, MD
10/09/14 Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA
10/10/14 Terminal 5 – New York, NY
10/11/14 The Palladium – Worcester, MA

Comments guitarist Olof Mörck: "We could not be more pleased to announce that we will be supporting Within Temptation on their North American tour this fall! I have loved WT:s music for almost ten years, so it will be an honour to support them. But most of all, we can't wait to see our amazing American fans again, and make a bunch of new ones!"

MARCH 12 2014
AMARANTHE have confirmed an autumn 2014 release date for their new studio album via Spinefarm Records; as yet untitled, this latest outing will be the follow-up to ‘Amaranthe’ (2011, now gold in Sweden) and ‘The Nexus’ (2013).

These two releases, which defined the band’s approach through their signature blend of musical styles and voices, caused an international stir right from the start; not only did ‘The Nexus’ top the rock chart in Sweden, but it went straight to # 1 on the US iTunes Metal Chart as well, whist the videos (from both albums) have continued to clock up millions of views (‘Hunger’, from Album 1, is now at the 6 million-plus mark).

The success of these records saw AMARANTHE playing to audiences all over the world, and now – following shows across Europe, including an appearance at the Bandit Awards in Stockholm where one of the band’s three singers, Elize Ryd, received the ‘Rock n’ Role Model’ Award – the six will head back into the studio.

According to guitarist, Olof Mörck:

“2014 will indeed see the release of the next Amaranthe record. We don't want to reveal any details yet, apart from this album representing a big step forward for Amaranthe musically – where ‘Amaranthe’ and ‘The Nexus’ were closely connected, this new album is bolder and more different... but, of course, with the trademark Amaranthe sound throughout! See you all on tour this spring with our last ‘Invincible’ shows - and expect blown minds in 2014!" 
JANUARY 7 2014
Jake's tour 2013 recap out!
Experience the year 2013 from the eyes of  the AMARANTHE members; a gift from the band to the fans, directed by the one and only Jake E!
DECEMBER 29 2013
Olof's end of the year chronicle - 2013 in restrospect

Up until
sitting down and putting these words onto the page, 2013 seemed like another year of a myriad of experiences, all floating together into an undefinable mass. It is only when one starts to go through pictures, magazines, web page updates and so on that the picture becomes less obscured, and then it all hits you at once. We have had two great years before 2013 since the release of our debut album, with 2011 marking the beginning of AMARANTHE's official existence, but 2013 definitely stands out. However, personal experiences are notoriously hard to convey through mere words, so let's start of with some basic statistics to paint a rough picture;
1 full length album released
3 singles released
3 videos released
74 shows played
200 days of traveling
10 million YouTube plays
10 million Spotify plays
2 official top-ten national album chart positions
2 gold albums received 
14 summer festivals played
2 trips to Russia
1 headline tour in the USA
1 co-headline tour in Europe
Merry figures and numbers, but they don't make much of a story, so let's take it from the start;
2013 started on a high note with the release of 'The Nexus' single and video, something which was both exciting and frightening at the same time. After two years of touring we had grown very accustomed to frequent touring and the general life of a musician. A weak second album, supported by a weak second single could quickly and firmly have ended our careers with AMARANTHE, so with great anticipation we followed the release and the initial reactions - and people did not all seem to hate it, to our great relief! Actually, the great majority seemed to embrace it, and we could breathe a sigh of relief and happily look forward to another couple of years of crazy traveling to and fro, doing what we love the most.
 No. 1 one the Swedish charts!

The full-length 'THE NEXUS' album was released in March in conjunction with the start of our epic 'THE NEXUS WORLD TOUR', and we kicked it off in Helsinki, Finland. It was to be the first show in a 9-show trek throughout the country, and we were undoubtedly pleased to see so many jolly Finns turning up for each show! Almost as importantly; AMARANTHE got to indulge in one of our favourite post-show activities - extreme sauna bathing! 

'THE NEXUS' world tour kicks off in Helsinki

 Following our Finnish kick-off of our world tour, we got a lovely one day off in Gothenburg, which we off course happily spent playing an acoustic show and receiving our very first gold album, for our first single, 'Hunger'! I guess we could have used the sleep, but nothing can pull you out of bed like a gold record. 
Receiving our first gold album, for 'HUNGER', in March

And now, the time had come to kick the touring into high gear, by joining our friends in STRATOVARIUS for a co-headline tour, supported by the lovely yanks in SEVEN KINGDOMS. We visited many familiar places, but also saw a bunch of new ones, and most importantly; we discovered that there were a bunch more AMARANTHE fans across Europe than we had dared to expect - we are still grateful for the overall amazing response from you guys! In between the shows we had a great time listening to stories from uncle Jens Johansson about the fabled savage 1980's, and kicking back watching Lars von Trier movies. The whole tour is best summarized by the lovely impromtu cover seen below;
Without more than a few days pause, we were ready to conquer new territory; ol' mother Russia! Here we had absolutely no idea what to expect, since album sales in Russia are, well, problematic for most bands. But that didn't stop the lovely Russians from turning up by the thousand, and the show in Moscow was surely on of the highlights of the year for me personally. We got to experience some of the most remarkable things about Russia during our stay, such as the red square, the Winter Palace and just taking a stroll down Nevsky Prospekt - awesome!
Red Square, Moscow, in April

Next up; JAPAN! We always have a mighty fine time over there, and Japan is undoubtedly our main market. We got to play two headline shows in a row in Tokyo, and then ride the Shinkansen to visit Osaka for the first time (and my first time there in 10 years!). The treatment was as royal as it always is in Japan, and the lovely fans always shower you with numerous and peculiar gifts. 
At the legendary Rock-Rock bar in Osaka, Japan, in May

At the point of our return from Japan the festival season was just about to kick into high gear, with Sweden Rock festival, our first for the year. Every festival season always hold a special place in my heart, since you get to play in front of massive audiences, meet a ton of bands you might or might not have seen for years, and you get to convert a bunch of non-believers into hard core Amaranthines! We played some of the biggest metal festivals on the planet, such as Nova Rock, Graspop, Tuska Open Air and so on. Doing both Graspop and Tuska in one weekend was a blast, and to my opinion, our Graspop show was probably our best in the whole year, from the band's perspective. 
Tuska Open Air, Finland, June

Right in the middle of the festival season, we embarked on our greatest adventure of the year; our first tour in the USA! We timed it perfectly with those weeks being the warmest of the whole year - you have not experienced true warmth until you have recorded a music video in leather pants in the middle of the Nevada desert! Once again, since this was uncharted AMARANTHE territory, we did not know what to expect from the shows, and you lovely yanks did not let us down - especially the shows in New York and Los Angeles were truly memorable. We will back back soon, you can count on that!
At the strip in Las Vegas, USA, July

Right after the USA, we played another bunch of festivals in Sweden, Transylvania, Finland and other various places, and then it just hits you - You're HOME. The first few days are of course lovely, but all of a sudden, there are no loud noise around you, no shouting people, no crazy awesome Japanese fans and no places to go sight-seeing. This is of course more than well compensated by hanging with family and friends, but the longing and the urge is always there. We spent the remainder of the year working on a SECRET PROJECT for all of you to look out for in 2014, while playing a few occasional shows to not lose our edge. We also recieved a second gold album for our second single 'Amaranthine'! We ended our amazing 2013 in Russia, playing there for the second time this year. The final show of the entire year, in Moscow, managed to once again be one of the very best, and it is best summed up in the picture below!
On stage in Moscow, December

In 2013 we also got to welcome a new member into the AMARANTHE family, as Andy stepped down due to personal reasons; Mr Henrik Englund! As you can see in the picture, we bought our new growler at a Wingnuts joint in Salt Lake city. Or maybe not!

Take out growlers! Perfect!
It is, as previously stated, always sad to see another great year pass into memory, but it is only mere days until we kick off our 2014 with our first show for the year, in our very hometown, Gothenburg! It is to be followed by an intense and very exciting year, such as embarking on our very first European headlining tour! See you all throughout the world in 2014! Happy new year to all our lovely friends and fans, and most important of all - THANK YOU! None of this would be possible without you.
Much love,
Olof & Amaranthe
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